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Where Talent Shines

To take part in our 2023 creative development workshops with our partners indigo youth ltd just email us, we will be providing studio access, photography for albums, e,p and singles, aswell as working with up and coming artists to put together amazing and creative film content, this workshop is for 16/25 year olds who would like to learn more or advance in their current creative sector. email:

Artist Development: Welcome


Working with the local community

Brixton Recording Studios Provides Artist Development services and free workshops and training to up and coming artists with recording aspirations along with a space to let their creativity and talent shine. We work with the very best in the industry to provide a productive experience for young creatives, that will help them to further their future careers.

Artist Development: Our Vision
Rage and Rhapsody
J Boy - Jordan [Music Video] | GRM Daily
Trillary Banks - Chitty Bang Bang [Music Video] GRM Daily
Ard Adz - Habibti [Music Video] | GRM Daily
M24 x Stickz - We Don’t Dance [Music Video] | GRM Daily
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In Partnership with Indigo Youth Ltd

Helping Local young talented artists reach their potential with the right support and tools needed to achieve greatness in the creative entertainment industry. Together with Indigo youth and the local council we provide talented artists with Grant funded Free access studio sessions, music videos, photography shoots and much more. Check out the video below.

Artist Development: Portfolio